Parts for The Disney Princess Big Wheel 16" Trike:

Please check out the Sale Prices in Red!!!

Original part for this model are Made in China.


A Capnut Tool (Purple)
B Rear Axle Caps
C Rear Axle
D Rear Wheel   ( 1 ea. )   (Purple)
DB Rear Wheel with a Cap Nut
(1 ea.)  (Purple)

Body   (Pink)



Body   (Lt. Pink)



Front Wheel 16"  (Purple)


FL Front Wheel (Purple)
w/ 1 Pedal Washer
G Front Wheel Pedal Crank Axle
J4 Front Wheel Inserts  (Set of 4)
J 2 Wheel Inserts  
( 1 pair = 2 pieces = 1/2 Wheel)
I Front Fork   (Pink)
AJH Injection Pack (Yellow) 7 pieces
K Screws for Fork  ( 4 )
L Locking Star Pedal Washers   (1 pair)
G Pedal Set   ( 1 pair ) (Pink)
pink pedals big wheel
GN Pedal Set  & Washers ( 1 pair ea)
big wheel pedals pink washedrs
GN 1 Pedal  & 1 Washer
N Handlebar (Pink)
O Bolt
P Nut
Q Seat Back ( Pink ) for China Body
Qpur Seat Back (Purple) for USA Body
The Original Princess Big Wheel Seat parts
Rd Sticker Set (Decals for Disney Princess)
DecG Girls Racer Sticker Set - Pink
R Sticker Set (Decals with Fairies)
Z Flag Kit
Big Wheel Flag


Please Note!
1. In order to replace the Front Wheel, you need to remove one of the pedals with a washer,
which is not very easy to do, especially without damaging the pedal.
The washer is for one time use only, so don't forget to order them at the same time and save $$.
Highly recommend the X or Y Combos for easy replacement.

2. The wheels might have some scratches, due to storage.
Also, they may or may not have decals.
If you have a preference, please let us know.


* You have a choice of Used Rear Wheel with Decals ( as shown) or New With Out.

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